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Bashing the Shield of Ahl as-Sunnah Against the Blunt Sword of the Murjiʾah Protecting the Ranks of the Salafees in the West Against the Spubs Mayhem.

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In these recent times a group of wiseacres has appeared, a gang of khunfushāriyyīn, callers to al‐Irjāʾ, they are writing extensively about it for many years, spreading their evil in the East and the West, claiming that it is the Madhhab of the Salaf in Īmān, they do this with at‐taḥrīf (distorting), at‐tazyīf (forgery), and manipulating the words of the scholars, and lying about them, and replacing their speech which is muḥkam (unambiguously) with what is mutashābih (ambiguously), and depending upon philosophical assumptions, and innovated arguments. Instead of depending on the Kitāb and the Sunnah, and the well-known books of the creed of the Salaf, which Ahl as‐Sunnah inherited from their predecessors who where upon clear guidance. Lees verder

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