An academic response to Yasir Qadhi’s podcast

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An academic response to Yasir Qadhi’s podcast

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Misconceptions removed regarding the da'wah of As-Shaykh al-Islām, al-Imām, al-Mudjaddid, al-ʿAllāmah Muḥammed ibn ʿAbd al-Wahhāb, Rahiemmahullaah.

An academic response to Yasir Qadhi’s podcast and his outrageous claims.

Table of contents.


1. Yasir's background and former stance.
2. The Najdi phases according to Yasir.
3. Difference between the first and third phase according to Yasir and his own understanding.
4. The Jihaad of Imaam Muhammed ibn 'Abd al-Wahhāb, Rahiemmahoellaah
5. Did the Mujadid only see his own group as Muslims?
6. A fictional link between first wave Najdi da'wah and Abu Muhammed al-Maqdisi.
7. Does Yasir follow the Imaams as-Shawkaani and as-San'aani in their stance regarding the Najdi da'wah?
8. The confusion of Yasir in comparing ISIS and the Najdi da'wah.
9. The second wave Najdi da'wah and third wave.
10.The advice of Yasir: Look at the writings of Imām Muhammed ibn 'Abd al-Wahhāb and what he did.
11. Double standards and great claims: The great 'Alim Ibn 'Afaaliq!
12. Yasir is writing on the difference between Mu-hammed ibn 'Abd al-Wahhāb and Ibn Taymiyah.
13. The mujadid is again accused of extremism and neo-Kharijism!
14. King-'Abdel-'Aziz opposed his 'Ulama and used sec-ular troops!
15. Muhammed 'Alaawi al-Maaliki.
16. Salmaan al-'Awda.


بسم الله، والحمد لله، والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله وعلى آله وصحبه وبعد

Before you, you see the second part refuting Yasir Qadhi's own statements from the podcast in which he made several outrages claims.

In our first part:

An academic response to Yasir Qadhi and the ones with the same misconceptions: Historical context- and background info regarding the da'wah of the Mujaddid which is never mentioned.

We already gave some essential background information on the Najdi da'wah and mentioned many things Yasir leaves out!

In this second part we will cite Yasir his claims and compare them to the books of people to whom Yasir reveres back to in order to criticise the da'wah of the Mujaddid, the Imaam Muhammed ibn 'Abd al-Wahhāb, Rahiemmahullah.

We will also use other historical resources and see if Yasir honestly- and academically researched the issue as he claims time and time again?!

Likewise we will show the reader that Yasir isn't the authority on this issue as he falsely claims in many of his podcasts and YouTube clips online.

We were shocked when we discovered what Yasir actually left out while randomly speaking about the Najdi da'wah and linking it to known extremists like ISIS and Abu Muhammed al-Maqdisi and even claiming things with no historical base whatsoever. Yet known links between extremists and people he admires are never mentioned by Yasir!

When I was almost finished with this article I came across this beautiful work in a bookstore in Istanbul, Turkey:

Continue reading here:

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