Refuting Qadhi's misconceptions regarding the Najdi da'wah

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Refuting Qadhi's misconceptions regarding the Najdi da'wah

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Misconceptions removed regarding the da'wah of As-Shaykh al-Islām, al-Imām, al-Mudjaddid, al-ʿAllāmah Muḥammed ibn ʿAbd al-Wahhāb, Rahiemmahullaah.

An academic response to Yasir Qadhi and the ones with the same misconceptions: Historical context- and back-ground info regarding the da'wah of the Mujaddid which is never mentioned.

Table of contents:


1.The situation of Najd and the world regarding religion and safety.
2.The stages of da'wah the Mujaddid went through.
3.The content of the da'wah of the Mujaddid.
4.What has the da'wah achieved?
5.What have his adversaries achieved and done?
6.Al-'udr bil jahl: The excuse of ignorance according to the Mujaddid.
7.Al-'udr bil jahl: The excuse of ignorance according to Yasir Qadhi.
8.On what did the Mujaddid perform takfeer?
9.Did the Imaam perform takfeer without any restrictions?
10.On what did the opponents of the Mujaddid perform takfeer?
11.Doubts regarding takfeer/fighting of who says Laa Illaaha Ilaa Allaah.
12.The accusations levelled by Yasir are not new.
13.The old Yasir claimed that the Mujaddid was unrightfully accused.
14.The old Yasir refutes the new Yasir and shows that he has changed in a bad manner.
15.Who started attacking who? Placing the allegations made by Yasir in the right context.
16.Ibn Taymiyyah, Rahiemmahullaah, and the ones withholding from acting upon the shari'ah.


بسم الله، والحمد لله، والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله وعلى آله وصحبه وبعد

Before you, you see a pdf-file refuting Yasir Qadhi.
Our main goal is to give some essential background information on the da'wah an-Najdiyyah and mention many things Yasir leaves out.

We will build on Yasir's claims and compare them to books of the Mujaddid and other historical resources and we will show without any doubt that Yasir isn't the authority on this issue as he falsely claims time and time again. Even in his old books, which were beneficial indeed, he made certain mistakes while being positive towards the Najdi da'wah and Scholars from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and others whom follow this blessed da'wah.

Maybe people will say: Why again a refutation while Yasir has been refuted again and again in great detail?

The answer is that many people have misconceptions about the Najdi da'wah, even people whom are respectful towards the da'wah and read books by Imaam Muhammed ibn 'Abd al-Wahhāb, Rahiemmahullah. Yasir was one of the them. People seem to think that:

•Imaam Muhammed ibn 'Abd al-Wahhāb, Rahiemmahullah performed takfeer too quickly in some instances;
•That he fought against Muslims and attacked villages;
•His students, children and grandchildren differed regarding takfeer with Imaam Muhammed ibn 'Abd al-Wahhāb, Rahiemmahullah, and were even more extreme;
•Abu Muhammed al-Maqdisie and ISIS follow the Najdi da'wah and implement this.
•And several other misconceptions.

In this part we will lay some foundations and will present the reader a historical context which Yasir (and others) clearly do not mention, if Yasir (and others) is aware of these historical facts in the first place! We haven't seen all of these shubuhaat (misconceptions) being answered in the English language while some of them were answered to some extend!

May Allaah bless- and aid the Du'aat and brothers whom have written treatises and recorded audios in which they answered some of these misconceptions. Ameen.

This pdf will hopefully place certain sayings, events and actions in the right perspective and will show that al-Imaam Muhammed ibn 'Abd al-Wahhāb, Rahiemmahullah, has been wronged in a terrible matter.

In the second pdf, which we will publish later in sha Allaah, will go in-depth in answering a podcast in which Yasir made many outrages claims and cite him word for word while showing that he wasn't academic and honest in his claims!

May Allaah protect the da'wah to at-Tawheed and may Allaah show us the truth and make us from them who follow it. May Allaah guide us and Yasir Qadhi and may He give Yasir the courage to again investigate his claims and stances and return to what is correct. Ameen.

Finished on 14 Dhul Hijah 1442 / 24th of July 2021

Abū Roemaysae Ridouan al-Hollandī with the help of brother Abū 'Abdirahmaan Mourad al-Maghribī, Hafidahullaah.

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